Six-Week Check-In

It’s been a little over six weeks since I officially hired on with Carina Press. I must say that things have been exciting, with a steep learning curve. Assessing the market has been the biggest challenge. I may be really excited and entertained by a story, and present it to the acquisitions team for review, but that doesn’t mean a sale. There are so many factors ! So I keep reading and pushing the romances that move me. One will click across the board soon. I know it!

In other news, I will be attending two RWA functions in April. The weekend of the 14th, the Virginia Romance Writers chapter of RWA is flying me out to deliver a day-long workshop on editing and critique. Find out more about it here.

I’m also attending Chicago North’s massive conference, Spring Fling, on April 20-21, which features a monster lineup of amazing authors–including friends I haven’t seen in years! I will not be there as an official representative of Carina Press, because of my freelance status, but…I listen really well to people who want to talk about their stories! I will also be situated in a “breathe, it’s gonna be ok” prep room for authors preparing to pitch to the lineup of editors and agents in attendance. That means I’ll be helping to hone pitches and the last minute, and give out whatever advice I can.

One of the most exciting events I’ll participate in is the much-anticipated “Hot Night” on the Friday of the conference, where the incomparable Joey Hill will oversee the critiques of love scenes that’ll range from sweet to scorching. I’ll be assisting, and again, I’ll be listening for stories that catch my attention!

So, busy month in April. Exciting! In the meantime, back to my latest pile of submissions. I’ll a treasure hunter, looking for a nugget of storytelling gold!

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