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Time and place

Yesterday I had to use a Wiki link to explain a reference I’d made to Alex P. Keaton. Today someone mentioned watching “Animaniacs” while in junior high. But see, it couldn’t have been junior high. It was college, in the dorm lounge, when none of us could be bothered to get dressed on Saturdays. Ok, so not too far off from being a tween, except more (highly illegal back then you have no idea) pot brownies. Don’t even think about 9/11. People did not first hear about the Towers falling while in a classroom. They were at work, like normal humans. And they sure as hell didn’t learn about it out of a textbook. That’s boggling.

Nothing puts aging in perspective like popular culture touchstones. However, I found something yesterday had made me feel both ancient and very, very pleased. My favorite current band is Bastille, fronted by 31-yo Dan Smith. He’s ten years younger than me. Ten is acceptable. (Thinking dirty things about 23yo Harry Styles…that’s a serious reach.)

The Tweet I saw referred to Dan as “gramps” and congratulated him on the correct usage of a slang term. (Don’t ask. I didn’t look it up on Urban Dictionary, so it’s lost to me now.) She said, “You can be one of the cool kids.” The girl’s profile said she was sixteen. I was sixteen when U2 released Achtung, Baby, and Bono had seemed like an elder statesman, so I guess her perspective fits. Takeaway: Wow, some wee hatchlings think he’s ancient. But also: Goodie for me! Maybe Harry Styles isn’t that out of reach. After all, that Twitter girl was only eight when One Direction debuted.