chicago northMy Katie Porter writing partner, Lorelie Brown, and I will be attending Chicago North RWA’s Spring Fling Conference, to be held in Chicago between April 25-26. This is exciting becuase it’s only held every two years, I get to see a ton of friends who’ve scattered to the publishing winds, and it’s within driving distance. That means far less strategizing when it comes to deciding what promo items to pack!

Lorelie and I will have tons of books on offer for the big big big author signing, including works as Carrie Lofty (of course), and our other names: Lindsey Piper, Katie Porter, and Lorelie Brown. That means from just two authors, you could pick up books in the new adult, historical, paranormal, and erotic romance genres!

I’ll also be resuming my place as Chicago North’s pitch guru, with the Pitch Perfect Master Class on April 25 betweem 9-11:30am. I’ll be taking pitches from anyone who brings them (50 words or less) and offering on-the-spot critiques of each one. I’ll also be providing information about what to expect from pitch appointments, of which there will be plenty from some amazing agents and editors.

The really, really fun part, however, will be the workshop Lorelie and I present together, about the practical application of erotic romance. Titled “From the Dungeon to I Love You: BDSM Romance with Heart,” it’ll be held on April 26 between 3-4pm. Except a lot of exceptionally kinky information, as well as roughly $100 in inappropriate toys and prizes. There’s a reason this workshop won’t be recorded…

So, if you’re in the Chicago area or are already planning to attend the conference this weekend, we hope you’ll stop by to see us in some capacity or another. We’re fun, and we’ll only bite during the workshop.