wallsEvery year since I was eighteen, I’ve had this tradition with myself. I pick the first day of spring where it really feels like spring, and I eat a special ice cream treat to celebrate. Through the years this has mostly been a personal tradition. I distinctly remember eating a Wall’s Magnum bar on a train platform in England, and pushing a double stroller down the road from a Walgreens while trying to keep my ice cream sandwich was melting. (I couldn’t wait to eat it at home, or my two-year-old daughter would’ve seen!)

This year, I shared that tradition with Lorelie Brown, my Katie Porter writing partner. Perhaps ironically, we grabbed our selections still wearing gym clothes from a workout at the Y. We sat in the sun at the picnic table in the backyard and toasted what we thought was the end of a really exhausting, terrible winter.

Today, it’s snowing again. You ever have one of those days when you just want to crawl back in bed? Too bad for me! I washed and packed away the electric blanket yesterday!

Maybe we toasted spring a little early. I insist on a do-over in a couple weeks. But at least we’re not the lawn care truck that passed in front of the house when we noticed the first flakes falling…