It’s gonna be fantastic…

Welcome to my newly-updated website, prompted by a grand WordPress collapse and a couple millennia of neglect. It was well past time for a change. You see, aside from a re-release or two, I won’t be publishing anymore. I endured four years of illness and heartbreak before realizing that, wow, I’m longer a writer.

“Four years” is not hyperbole. Who am I, if not an author? My dear friend Lorelie Brown came up with the perfect analogy to get me through, especially because I’m kinda obsessed with the idea of mountain-climbing. Since 2007, I’ve scaled many of publishing’s highest peaks. With each new accomplishment, I planted a flag on a summit. Only… One day… I had a (metaphorical) accident and (metaphorically) broke my legs. I can’t climb anymore, but those flags are still on those summits. Her analogy helped me look at shelves full of my books and feel immensely proud, not fearful that I’d never reach those heights again.

Mount Baker

Ok, now what? Luckily I’ve got that covered. I was hired by the amazing Angela James as a freelance editor for Carina Press, complete with the magical power to acquire manuscripts. Holy crap! I can’t wait to meet my future authors, whoever they are. I’m also taking on clients in need of freelance developmental and copy editing services.

So…are you ready to do this? I am. And it’s gonna be fantastic.