Where Are the Books?

I sold my first romance novel to Kensington Publishing in 2007. What a Scoundrel Wants is a tale of derring-do featuring Will Scarlett as a very reluctant yet very honorable hero. With Robin Hood for an uncle, what else could he be?

Thus began my rollercoaster career as a romance author. Over the seven years that followed, I published 26 romance novels and novellas, set anywhere from Tulane University to Napoleonic Austria to a futuristic dystopian wasteland. Along the way I was lucky enough to work with some of the best editors in the industry, and I’m happy to count among my friends some of the most successful authors in romance.

Coming soon with even more nerdy WW2 history!

That rollercoaster came to a stop when depression gobbled up a few years of my life. Yet I remain immensely proud of the body of work I was able to create. What makes me even prouder is that I still receive emails from fans who are kind enough to drop me a line about an old favorite, or from new readers who found me through the magic of word-of-mouth.

Ooh, a pseudonym!

So where are the books now? Most books under the name Carrie Lofty are with me on my hard drive, waiting for a tune-up and new cover art. My goal is to re-release them in stages by the end of next year. I’ll update this page with release dates as they become available.

My Lindsey Piper and Ellen Connor books are still for sale through online retailers. For erotic romances I’ve co-written with Lorelie Brown, check out Katie Porter (the author, not the politician!).