Pitch Witch

Most editors and agents will tell you that a succinct pitch, whether in person and online, is preferable to anything lengthier. I’m a huge proponent of short pitches, sometimes called elevator pitches, because you can deliver them in the span of a brief elevator ride. Another guide: can you condense your pitch into one or two tweets?

Willing to do anything to keep his son safe from his cruel father-in-law, a widowed astronomer inherits a Glasgow cotton mill and spars with a feisty union agitator.

STARLIGHT by Carrie lofty

However, reducing several thousand words down to only a few sentences can be difficult. You’ll wonder what to leave in or ignore. You’ll want to give it punch and drama. And you’ll want to present yourself in a prepared, knowledgeable manner.

A closeted producer hires his former lover, an ex-con stuntman, for a London film shoot, where holiday magic may keep them from repeating painful mistakes.

Came upon a midnight clear by katie porter

I’ve taught a workshop called “The Tiny Art of Elevator Pitches” more than two dozens times since 2008. I’ve also undergone the pitch process from both sides: as a hopeful author and an eager editor. This variety of experiences will help me develop and revise your next in-person or social media pitch.

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