Examples and Pricing

  • Elevator or Twitter pitches (up to two full tweets): $30-50
  • Live pitches (30 seconds to one minute spoken length): $80-120
  • Queries (two paragraphs from a synopsis): $100-150

Polished pitches from previous clients…

A female British civilian pilot who’s already lost one man to the war falls for an ex-con US paratrooper on the verge of D-Day.

An industrialist with his eye on a lucrative railroad contract faces scandal in London after seducing a battlefield nurse who survived a naval shipwreck.

When a sorceress learns of her family’s secret genocidal crimes, she must convince an unlikely ally to help punish them: the sexy human mercenary who has taken her hostage.

A young playboy pilot with an eye for kink dares an ambitious, straight-laced accounting VP to reveal her fantasies, but her cravings push even his boundaries.

A prohibition officer battles a notorious crime boss, corrupt New York politicians, and his own desire in order to take down the speakeasy owner who makes him forget he’s a cop.

Reunited after six years, a male submissive teaches his daring colleague to embrace her dominant side, risking both of their piloting careers.

On a planet where shadow and fantasy birth unspeakable monsters, an investigator targets a spunky electrician he believes guilty of psychic conjuring.

An ex-Marine abducts his mentor’s daughter to protect her from a violent future world, but her sensuality reminds him there’s more to the apocalypse than mere survival.

A skeptical bachelor hires a paranormal investigator to exorcise the family mansion, but her irrefutable abilities make him a believer—and reveal his long-buried secrets.

Hunted by human traffickers, a nurse with supernatural healing powers calls upon her greatest gift—reversing death—for the love of an engineer who still mourns his late wife.

On an 18th century island purgatory, an undead physician is torn between feuding brothers: a vampire lord promising immortal passion and a human slave offering resurrection.