Services and Pricing

Developmental Edits

This editorial option includes a full read of your manuscript, followed by detailed written feedback. Pricing is a flat fee of $250-500 depending on the project. Examples of my work are available on request, or I can do a mini critique of your first chapter. Topics addressed:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Plot
  • Writing style/voice
  • Characterization
  • Motivation
  • Romance
  • Point-of-view
  • Pace
  • Conflict
  • Dialogue

Line Edits

Line edits provide a detailed examination of the manuscript using track changes. Pricing depends on the work I determine the manuscript may require, but a starting estimate is 1ยข per word. Note: This service is not intended to replace a proofreader if, for example, you wish to self-publish. It will, however, prepare any manuscript for submission to an agent or publisher. Aspects covered:

  • Where scenes, dialogue, characterization, and other storytelling aspects can be strengthened or tightened
  • Technical issues such as general grammar, minor fact-checking, and general readability

Contact me so that we can discuss your project in more detail.